Jolzy Local Boost WEB PLANS

 Essential Plan    

Design & Set Up - $299 

$79 /month 

 List once and be found on search directories; receive expedited service on top sites; and get  a report on the breadth and accuracy of your online listings. With Essential plan we flag your verified listing as a trusted source in Infogroup’s Express Update database and the Factual and Dun & Bradstreet databases. These key databases anchor the majority of U.S. search platforms. The Essential plan also includes a Webcard displaying your certified online profile, designed to promote your contact points on web and mobile devices.

What you get

  • Broad syndication of business listings to major databases that feed search engines
  • Direct syndication to select publishers
  • A mobile-friendly webcard showing all listing data to search engines
  • Gradual increase in number and quality of listings over two to three months
  • Reports showing the visibility of business listings
  • Includes Premium Hosting
  • Email account
  • 24/7 Tech support 

Premium Plan    

UBL Premium Package

Design & Set Up - $499 

$89 /month

Take your online identity to the next level. With our recently upgraded Premium package, receive all the benefits of UBL Essential plan, plus owner verified listings on Google+ Local, Yahoo, Bing,, Superpages, and Yelp, and profiles on Facebook and Twitter. We use patent pending technology to establish verified profiles on these key sites. We hand you the passwords so that you can manage your profiles and make direct contact with customers. You get the peace of mind that comes with verified listings that you control.

What you get

  •         Password-protected ownership of profiles on sites like Google+ and Bing
  •        Verified presence on popular directories like and Superpages
  •         Profiles on key social sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter
  •         All the benefits of Essential, including broad syndication, a mobile-friendly webcard, and reports showing the visibility of my business listings
  •         Includes Premium Hosting
  •         Email account
  •         24/7 Tech support

Professional Plan    

 Design & Set Up - $699 

 $99 /month

If you’re committed to enhancing your identity, you need the full-service treatment. Our Professional package includes all Premium services and more profiles on social sites and blogs. Plus, we create and distribute a 30 second video for your business! Businesses pay hundreds of dollars a month for search marketing experts to do a fraction of this service. You receive a detailed completion report showing each submission, along with the passwords that allow you to take ownership of the accounts. Professional service provides a powerful, lasting impact on visibility and is a great value.

 What you get

  • A highly optimized profile for search and maximized traffic from the web, social, and mobile
  • The SEO benefits of content such as video, articles, and blogs
  • The equivalent of hiring an SEO expert to do this for me  
  •   All the benefits of Premium, including verified ownership of profiles on Google+, Bing,, Superpages, MapQuest, Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter
  •   All the benefits of Essential, including broad syndication, a mobile-friendly webcard, and reports showing the visibility of my business listings
  • Includes Premium Hosting
  •   Email account
  •  24/7 Tech support 

 Jolzy Web creates websites to fit your business brand. Each Jolzy Website comes with SEO fully integrated. and are designed with the business owners in mind. Simple painless website ownership.  
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